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Classrooms To Clean Water (C2CW) supports young people to help solve the global water crisis  by transforming lives through innovative, sustainable water solutions.

Empowering and Educating Youth Around the World

Classrooms To Clean Water empowers the next generation of conscious global citizens to make a positive impact on the world. 

Through interactive classroom activities, leadership development, and fun team fundraising activities, Classrooms to Clean Water educates young people on global humanitarian issues, such as low literacy rates and water scarcity, while empowering them to make a difference.

Develop leadership skills while having fun and helping others!

  • Easy to use templates, resources and support

  • Get on-call support and cheerleading as needed

  • Enjoy fun prizes and incentives for fundraising

Help your students become more conscious global citizens!

  • Utilize Well Aware’s interactive lessons and activities to support learning, growing and fun

  • Get one-on-one support from the Well Aware team

Funds raised through Classrooms To Clean Water go directly to building sustainable water systems in rural areas of East Africa. 

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